Course : Atmospheric Sciences in the Anthropocene

ESST specialization, University of Strasbourg

The aim of the course is twofold: On the one hand, it will provide students with elements of the history of the environmental sciences, and second, it will provide an overview of the recent debates about climate engineering and possible alternatives.  

The first part of the course will treat the emergence of environmental sciences and environmentalism during the Cold War and examine the links between military research and the environmental sciences. The main part will focus on the more recent debates about climate change and trace the main actors and arguments for and against climate engineering. It will subsequently treat questions, like: What are the alternatives to a technological fix? How could adaptation to climate change work out? How could we come up with new ways of knowing that encourage people to become more active in dealing with climate change?

There will be also a course on methodology. Teaching will take place in February and March. The courses will be in English.

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Courses will be taught by Prof. Matthias Dörries (